HSMBB Board Members


Layla Stahr '17 (Chair)

Layla is a junior in Mather House pursuing the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Neurobiology and a secondary in Economics. Layla is especially interested in topics involving decision neuroscience, circuitry dysfunction, and the intersection of neuroscience and economics. In her free time, Layla enjoys learning about international issues, working with the Harvard International Review and the Women’s Initiative in Leadership, traveling, and exploring Boston.

Gabe Grand '18 (Vice Chair)

Gabe is a sophomore in Kirkland House planning to pursue the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Computer Science. He studies the interdisciplinary intersection between computer science, language, and cognition. His areas of focus include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Gabe also has a serious interest in the relationship between science, technology, and society, and how we can use digital tools to build smarter democracies. On campus, he is involved with Harvard Model United Nations, and is directing a committee on cyberterrorism at HNMUN 2016. In his free time, he enjoys sci-fi (especially cheesy Hollywood portrayals of AI), rowing on the Charles River, and traveling.

Marlise Arellano '18 (Symposium Co-Chair)

Marlise is a sophomore in Lowell house and is originally from Austin, Texas. She is interested in many aspects of MBB specifically computational neuroscience and its application to artificial intelligence and genetics of neurodegenerative disorders. One of her many passions is mental health awareness and education and she is a mental health liaison for Student Mental Health Liaisons (SMHL) in Lowell house. In her free time Marlise likes playing volleyball and reading about global health issues.

Adriana Mendez Leal '16 (Academic Events Co-Chair)

Adriana Mendez Leal is a senior in Lowell House concentrating in neurobiology (MBB), with a secondary in computer science. She is especially interested in interdisciplinary research focused on developmental disorders from a public health perspective. She is also passionate about sexual health education and advocacy, and fiercely committed to the creation of an open, honest, and supportive culture that fosters sexual literacy, consent education, comprehensive and inclusive survivor support, and empowered decision-making. When not in lab or plotting the sexual health revolution, she enjoys going to concerts and cultivating her encyclopedic knowledge of reality TV.

Ange Clayton '17 (Academic Events Co-Chair)

Ange is a junior in Adams House studying the history of science with a particular interest in cognitive science and computing theory. More specifically, she is interested in the intersection between computability, logic, language and psychology. She works at the Snedeker Laboratory for language development, researching how humans develop logical linguistic systems, and has conducted her own research over the last several years on the work of Alan Turing and its' implications in 20th century fields such as artificial intelligence, cybernetics, linguistics and developmental psychology. Ange enjoys reading literature, large sweaters, watching ballet and any chance to have a good cup of coffee.

Patrick Pan

Patrick Pan is a sophomore in Dunster House studying Computer Science on the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track. He is interested in artificial intelligence, especially as inspired by the human brain, and is strongly passionate about the intersection and interaction between computer science, biology, and art and creativity. Patrick also studies Piano Performance in the Harvard-New England Conservatory program. In his free time, Patrick enjoys web development, photography, drinking coffee, and DJing for the the Classical department of WHRB, Harvard's radio station.

Kayla Evans

Kayla is a Freshman in Mower Hall who is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s been fascinated by the brain for quite a long time - beginning with her fifth grade science fair project – and here at Harvard, she plans to study neurobiology and/or linguistics through the Mind, Brain, Behavior Track. Kayla is always excited to talk about topics such as: the relationship between language and cognition, artificial intelligence, and the intersection between neuroscience and technology. In her free time, Kayla enjoys teaching dance with CityStep, spending time with her HCFA (Harvard College Faith and Action) family, and eating Thai food.

Sarp Gurakan

Sarp is a freshman in Matthews Hall from Istanbul, Turkey. He is interested in many aspects of Mind, Brain and Behavior, including, but not limited, to cognition, psychology, linguistics, and machine learning. Tentatively, he considers studying Computer Science on the MBB track, with a secondary in Psychology. On campus, he is a member of The Harvard Lowkeys, a co-ed a capella group. He is also Secretary of the Harvard Turkish Society. He likes coffee, music and he lives for good conversations.

Spencer Kim

Spencer Kim is a Freshman in Thayer Hall intending to pursue a joint concentration in Computer Science and Philosophy. He is particularly interested in general artificial intelligence, logic, and the philosophy of the mind. Beyond HSMBB Spencer plays tenor saxophone for the Harvard University Band, writes for the Harvard Book Review, and participates in the university's Rubik's Cube club. In his spare time Spencer enjoys literature, creative writing, tea, and cultivating his collection of fountain pens.

Michelle Ko

Michelle is a freshman in Matthews interested in studying neurobiology or human developmental and regenerative biology. She is interested in the intersection of the brain, language, and development. In addition, she cares deeply about neurodegenerative diseases and how they can be treated and used to unlock an even greater understanding of the brain. On campus, she is involved with Taiwanese Cultural Society, Harvard College Writers' Workshop, and Alzheimer's Buddies. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and designing graphics.